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We gather experienced specialist from engineering and linguistic field. People with passion.

We specialize in technical English language courses with emphasis on aviation industry. During the course we use multimedia applications to increase effectiveness and attractiveness of traditional classes.


We can personalize course especially for individual needs.

We are planning involvement with businesses from Aviation Valley’ to elevate competency of workers in technical English language.  Especially we would like extract possibility  of partial finance from Human Capital Programme.

Our last contract concern ‘Technical AVIATION English’ for Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych in Rzeszów partially financed by European Union within European Social Fund. Educated were technical-mechanical avionics and technical avionics students. More than 40 people were involved in the project.

 How do we work:

  • We grade language competency level
  • We coordinate common targets and needs
  • We develop special individual programme and group materials
  • We offer education in assigned location using interactive teaching methods
  • Students are given personal login and password to platform where they perform exersises
  • We conduct internal tests and surveys to evaluate progres and keep the top standards